Our Facilities & Location

We have developed what we believe to be a wonderful environment for raising and breeding dogs. We have a full-time staff that oversees the health and well-being of our dogs on a beautiful piece of the Blue Ridge mountains in Northern Georgia. Our 15-acre estate is an open environment designed for dogs to thrive. We have set up a home that provides our dogs with everything they need to be healthy and happy.

We don’t believe in confining our dogs. We have invested in a state-of-the-art Pet Stop protection system that encompasses our entire property. This gives our dogs the freedom to play and explore in a large, unencumbered and safe environment. We have a large kennel that provides them with a safe place to go as needed. But we leave the kennel doors open so that they are not confined, and can use the kennels when they choose to do so. Our kennels are cleaned twice per day and always supplied with clean water and the highest quality food. Security cameras have been installed throughout the property and kennel areas for the protection and safety of our dogs.


We have experience …

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We have experience …

… raising healthy, beautiful puppies for loving families. All of our dogs are well socialized, not only with other dogs, but with people as well. Since our dogs are part of our family, we routinely take them on excursions into town, hiking and car trips. We will not place a puppy with a family until it has been well socialized.

Home Is in the North Georgia Mountains

Please contact us before visiting. Call Bruce at (224) 330-9038 to schedule your visit.