We Follow Best Puppy Practices

We start working with our puppies on the day they are born so that they are healthy, happy and well socialized. Our target age for a puppy to be adopted is no earlier than 8 weeks. Some people feel very strongly about getting a puppy at the age of 7 weeks. If that is the case, and you have done your research, then we will consider it on a case-by-case basis.


1-4 Weeks of Age

During this stage, the puppies rely heavily on their mother. They have total reliance on their mother for food, cleaning and stimulation to help them potty. During this age, we gently work with each puppy by picking them up, holding them, touching them all over and turning them on their backs. This is vital to the puppies’ development and ability to adapt to their new families.


4-6 Weeks of Age

During this stage, the puppies begin to explore and play. Their eyes are open and they start to show their individual personalities. We provide them with more and more human interaction. They will also have some forced time away from their mother. This better helps them adjust.


6-8 Weeks of Age

During this stage, the puppies really start to grow and exert their independence — spending less and less time with their mother. They are busy establishing their place with their litter mates, and they start to interact with our adult dogs so they feel comfortable with other canines. They also begin eating only solid dog food.


Please note …

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Please note…

…we love and socialize your puppy, but we are NOT dog trainers. Your new puppy will NOT come housebroken or trained. We just love and socialize them, and get them ready to go home with you!

**Puppy Guarantee**

When you adopt a puppy from Doodles on the Ridge, you’re guaranteed a happy, healthy, well-socialized puppy:

  • Vet checked
  • Dewormed
  • Fully vaccinated
  • 2-year Health Guarantee
  • Parents on-site
  • Fully socialized with humans and adult dogs

Feeding & Care Advice

It’s important to choose a good, high-quality food for your puppy. We do not recommend a specific brand because there are many great choices out there, and it often comes down to personal preference. We would suggest avoiding brands that include a lot of grains and instead choose those higher in protein. High-protein foods are especially important for dogs during their formative years, up to 18 months. We do recommend dry kibble, as wet or soft foods tend to promote plaque buildup on teeth. Your veterinarian is a good source of information.

Cooking fresh food for your puppy can also be a great plan, provided you focus on organic and natural presentations (we don’t recommend feeding table scraps). If you do prefer to cook for your dog, be sure their diet includes plenty of the necessary vitamins and minerals, especially for growing puppies. You might want to consult a veterinary nutrition specialist who can guide you in the right direction for your puppy breed.

There are also different approaches as to how often to feed your puppy. Some experts recommend that you feed a puppy 2 to 3 times a day following a set schedule. Others suggest an open feeding approach, which allows the puppy “free choice” as to when and how much he/she eats.

At Doodles on the Ridge, we allow our dogs a free choice — they choose when and how much they want/need, and food is available to them at all times. As long as they have the ability to run and play as much as they want, then a continuous feeder will not create an unhealthy or overweight dog.

Happy Puppy Owners

We would love to add you and your “furbaby” to our family of Happy Puppy Owners. Please send us a photo and let us know how your baby is doing. Just text Bruce at (224) 330-9038.

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What Kind of Puppy Are You Looking For?

Let us know what type of puppy you’re considering and when you’re looking to adopt. We’ll get back to you as soon as we’re done feeding, grooming, exercising and playing with our dogs! Better yet, give us a call or text to Bruce at (224) 330-9038.

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