Adoption Pricing & Deposit Info

Adopting a puppy is a big family decision and commitment … a commitment that we take very seriously. Here at Doodles on the Ridge we strive to make the puppy adoption process enjoyable and simple — and one that’s a positive experience for both your family and your puppy.

You are always welcome to visit our little farm to meet the dogs and see the personality of your new addition. We just ask you to let us know ahead of time when you plan to visit. Please call Bruce at (224) 330-9038 to schedule your visit.


$250 Puppy Deposit Required

We require a $250 DEPOSIT to reserve your puppy. Please read all this information carefully before placing a deposit. We suggest you call Bruce at (224) 330-9038 for current information about puppy availability, or fill out the contact form below to get more details about the puppy you desire. Visit our reservation page after speaking with Bruce to reserve your puppy.

YOUR $250 DEPOSIT IS NONREFUNDABLE. We will, however, apply your deposit to a future litter if it becomes necessary. Pictures of the puppies are posted on Facebook generally within 2-4 days of their birth. If the dam does not produce a puppy of your liking, we can apply your deposit to another litter.

The quickest and easiest way to provide your deposit is via the Venmo or Paypal link below. You do not need a Venmo or Paypal account to use the deposit link — you can use a credit card. (Note: We don’t take credit cards directly — only thru Venmo or Paypal.) You may also simply mail a check to us at the address at the bottom of this page. Your name will be added to the waiting list only after your deposit is received, so the sooner you get it to us, the better.

Final payment is due when you pick up the puppy. NOTE THAT WE DO *NOT* ACCEPT CHECKS FOR YOUR FINAL PUPPY PAYMENT. Final payment must be made in cash, or via Venmo or PayPal.

All required documents and puppy “stuff” will be mailed prior to your puppy’s big day.

If needed, we can ship your puppy to you. Please note that payment in full for the puppy must be received prior to shipping. Shipping costs an additional $400 for most flights. The puppy is flown using the United Airlines Pet Safe program. Occasionally a flight may cost more if there are extraordinary circumstances. We can discuss any details or questions you might have via text or phone.

If you need transportation of your puppy to your home either from the airport or from our home to yours, we will be glad to speak with you about it. There are several options, including puppy transport companies or trusted individuals who are willing to do this at your expense.

The crate that the puppy will be shipped in is the perfect size to begin crate training if that is how you choose to train your puppy. We will make sure that the puppy is comfortable and well taken care of during his/her trip. This will include a blanket with the mother’s scent.

Puppy Pricing

**NOTE** Prices vary based on individual litters and puppies. Bloodlines, colors, sizes and other factors can all affect puppy prices. The prices listed here, however, are the typical pricing range for each breed.

Golden Retrievers
Bernese Mountain Dog
Standard Poodles

PLEASE NOTE: We love all our dogs and puppies; they are part of our family. We reserve the right to NOT SELL you a puppy at any time during the process. If we choose not to sell the puppy to you, your deposit will be refunded in full.

Call for Details

We encourage you to call Bruce at (224) 330-9038 for more information about puppies at Doodles on the Ridge.

Make Puppy Deposit

We are happy to take cash and checks for deposits. But to ensure your place in line, use Venmo or Paypal to quickly send us your deposit of $250.

You may scan the QR Code below, or send to Karen Goode ( or use Karen’s phone: (770) 468-4559.

Doodles on the Ridge Doodles Venmo
Doodles on the Ridge Doodles Paypal

Happy Puppy Owners

We would love to add you and your “furbaby” to our family of Happy Puppy Owners. Please send us a photo and let us know how your baby is doing. Just text Bruce at (224) 330-9038.

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What Kind of Puppy Are You Looking For?

Let us know what type of puppy you’re considering and when you’re looking to adopt. We’ll get back to you as soon as we’re done feeding, grooming, exercising and playing with our dogs! Better yet, give us a call or text to Bruce at (224) 330-9038.

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